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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Chanel Peridot Dupe

Everyone loves a good dupe, Revlon was spot on with Facets of Fuschia and this little beauty I want to share with you today is no exception . Feast your eyes on this...

...Sephora's - Diving in Malaysia

Looks pretty similar doesn't it? Unfortunately I don't have the Chanel one but next time I'm out shopping I might be cheeky and ask if I can test Peridot on a few fingers and then do a comparison for you guys.

Gold/olive green duochrome, just like Peridot, applies and dries like a dream!For those in the UK, it's definitely cheaper to buy the Chanel polish than to take the Eurostar to France unless of course someone else is paying for your ticket (thanks hunny!). Not sure if this is an European exclusive?!?!

Update: Check out a comparison between Peridot and Diving in Malaysia here

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