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Saturday, 6 August 2011

NOTD Barry M Blue Moon

I recently snapped up a couple of Barry M nail polishes from Superdrug, the first of which I want to share with you now. This is the gorgeous Blue Moon, a baby blue, pale blue, powdery blue (however you want to describe it) with hints of iridescent shimmer. The shimmer doesn't really translate on the nail but it does stop the polish from looking flat.

Can you see the darker hints of blue?

The only downside I guess with this polish is that it required about 4 coats and is quite streaky. I find with Barry M polishes if the coats are too thick, they take forever to dry even if you apply a top coat like Seche Vite, so it's better to build up the colour with thin coats and try to ignore the streaks at the start.

1 comment:

  1. Pretty and I love the secret shimmer, pity about the 4 coats tho...