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Thursday, 26 May 2011

NOTD Sally Hansen Hi-Def

Today I'm wearing Hi-Def from the Hi-Definition nail colour collection by Sally Hansen. It's a bright apply green, almost neon like but not as it's much more wearable. It's quite sheer and I needed about 3-4 coats before my nail line became less visible, other than that it applies really smoothly. I guess my only complaint is that it actually take a while to dry.

Sadly I don't think these polishes are available in the UK.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Strawberry delight

Nothing says summer to me like big juicy strawberries (and Cream... ok Pimms and lemonade too) and today my first strawberry was ready to pick...

I just happen to be wearing China Glaze's Hey Sailor which I noticed was similar in colour to the strawberry and so couldn't resist a pic!


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

GOSH Golden Dragon

Today I want to show you GOSH Golden Dragon which was given to me by my friend visiting from Canada. I had originally wanted 545 which is the fix base but I accidentally said 564. hehe. I'm glad I got this though because it's absolutely gorgeous. Take a look for yourselves.

I've tried my best at capturing it but you can see it's a lovely blue-based green with gold shimmerI think I needed about 3 coats because it's quite sheer.
I have to be honest though it's one of those shades I think looks better on shorter nails... not sure why...

If you want to get your hands on a bottle they're available at Superdrug in the UK.

NOTD - Beauty UK

I recently came across the YSL A/W 2010 nail images and felt inspired to do my own S/S version using a couple of the polishes from the Beauty UK set I got.

The images were shot in different lighting but you get the idea! What do you think?

Monday, 23 May 2011

No buy fail

I was determined not to buy any polishes this month, but I've failed :-(. To be fair I haven't made any big orders online and most of my purchases have been very reasonably priced.
So what did I get...

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Lavender Pearl from eBay, M&S Rainbow (reviewed in previous post), Star Gazer 307 (said to be a dupe of Orly Space Cadet. It's also an exact dupe of Accessorize Aztec), LA colors and Astor in White from the £1 store.
I bought the white polishes for when/if I decide to make a franken!

Superdrug purchases: Andrea Fulterton gemstone overcoat (dupe of GOSH Rainbow?) and a mini set of Beauty UK nail polishes.

My friend from Canada also came to visit this month and very kindly brought over some goodies for me which included two old MAC polishes - Varicose Violet and Nocturnelle, courtesy of his sister!

All in all a very good month so far!

M&S Rainbow - High street Holographic that's easy to find

I have to admit I often over look M&S when it comes to make-up not because it's rubbish but I just don't associate M&S with make-up let alone nail polish, but food definitely!

To cut a long story short I was recently browsing through their nail polishes when I came across a silver polish called Rainbow. I thought it was a silly name for something so plain but when I picked it up I understood the rationale!

Take a look:

Part of their 'Perfection' range
Left to Right - GOSH, The MakeUp Store and M&S

Here I have compared it to GOSH's holographic and The Make up Store's Britta and you can see it's not as intense but nothing to be ashamed of. I would say the M&S polish is similar to the holographic-ness of Color Club's Fashion Addict and I'm guessing Worth the Risque which I don't have.

3 coats

In terms of application it's a lot easier that GOSH, there's no balding or dragging. You won't need to apply a top coat either because it has an 'extra vinyl' finish which would probably explain why it's not as intense as the other holographics. I can't comment on whether it's long wear because I only had it on for one day but it didn't flake off like GOSH can. This will set you back £7.50 for a 11ml. Not bad, not bad at all.

If you want to get yourself a bottle visit a larger M&S store that stocks their full range of make-up or alternatively visit their online store here.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Boots 17 Orange soda

Does this colour look familiar to you? It's not a dupe of another nail polish...
Think of a well known supermarket in the UK...
Haha yes this polish is the same colour as a Sainsbury's bag!!!
I bought this last summer and it's from the Candy Collection which is still available from Boots. In the bottle the polish looks more sherbety but it's lost after a 3 coats on the nail. I do have a sneaky suspicion that the Seche Vite topcoat made it go a touch darker though.

Love it still despite it looking like a Sainsbury's bag!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Recent NOTDs Pink Spice and Wild at Heart

The two nail polishes I'm wearing here need no introduction so I'm just going to show you the pictures!

Pink Spice by Accessorize - Gorgeous duochrome that required 3 coats. Gives a foil like finish.

Color Club's Wild at Heart a stunning purple polish with a subtle holo effect. Perfect application in 2 coats but for pros one coat may enough.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


I thought I'd have a go at blinging my nail! I saw how pretty the gold glitter looked on Make Me Blushhh's blog and wanted to give it a go. Here's the result (done before I filed my nails)...I was worried they'd look a bit garish but the gold glitter is quite subtle but adds a nice girly touch. On MMB's nails she used polish from Sephora a store we no longer have in the UK so after visiting the usual high-street haunts I ended up having to buy my polish on eBay (seller: kissnmakeupx). It only cost £2.75 and came through the post very quickly.

Hope you like it. Ax