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Monday, 23 May 2011

No buy fail

I was determined not to buy any polishes this month, but I've failed :-(. To be fair I haven't made any big orders online and most of my purchases have been very reasonably priced.
So what did I get...

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Lavender Pearl from eBay, M&S Rainbow (reviewed in previous post), Star Gazer 307 (said to be a dupe of Orly Space Cadet. It's also an exact dupe of Accessorize Aztec), LA colors and Astor in White from the £1 store.
I bought the white polishes for when/if I decide to make a franken!

Superdrug purchases: Andrea Fulterton gemstone overcoat (dupe of GOSH Rainbow?) and a mini set of Beauty UK nail polishes.

My friend from Canada also came to visit this month and very kindly brought over some goodies for me which included two old MAC polishes - Varicose Violet and Nocturnelle, courtesy of his sister!

All in all a very good month so far!

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