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Monday, 27 August 2012

Shimmer Polish - Jasmine

Hi ladies today I want to show you some more glittery goodness from Shimmer polish. This is Jasmine a turquoise glitter accented with silver, orange and red.

I find turquoise on alone a little bit much for me, as in I don't think it suits me and although there are other colours mixed in which does break up the turquoise I still decided to layer 2 coats over a very vibrant cobalt blue (Layla 208). I think the contrast between the blue and the turquoise works really well in this case to show off the glitter without it being too overwhelming for me.
This combination almost has a flakie look to it, gorgeous right?
Like the two previous Shimmer polishes I have reviewed this polish is dense. It is also no different formula wise, thick but fast drying. If you're interested in buying this polish or want to check out other glitters available you can visit Cindy's Etsy shop. Each bottle retails for $12 USD.

*These polishes was provided for my honest, unbiased review.