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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Revlon Colorstay - Rain Forest

Hey! Can you believe it is already Wednesday, it's really depressing how quickly time is flying and how much closer I am to my first day at work in just under 3 weeks. Sigh!
Anyway I was in Cardiff on Monday and I came across a jam packed Revlon stand in Boots. They had the new Colorstay range which took me by surprise when I saw them as I didn't realise they were coming out over here.
Well lookie here!
I could have easily picked 10 polishes to add to my stash but Revlon polishes are a bit pricey for a drugstore brand in my opinion so I allowed myself one as I had a £2 off voucher. It was a difficult choice but I came away with a gorgeous forest green laced with glass-fleck like shimmer that shows some multi-chrome characteristics in the bottle. Unfortunately the shift is not really noticeable on the nail but if you look hard the green flecks do look aqua coloured at certain angles. Still this polish is stunning and if you're a green lover like me I think you'll agree!

Here is Rain Forest.
Can you see the shimmer at the bottom of the bottle
I'm glad my local Boots doesn't have a Revlon stand like this because if this is the quality we are dealing with then I'd be bankrupt. Thank you for reading! x


  1. this colour looks amazing! hope my boots will stock this range so i can pick up a bottle (or four) :)

  2. That's a great colour! What a nice find from Revlon!

  3. OMG the words gel like shine has made my day!
    I want to get my hand on these beauties!

  4. does it stay longer??? so pretty!

  5. Ahhhh so pretty - swoon!! This shimmer adds so much depth to this color - was so curious to see this on your Blog after squinting at your pics on Instagram LOL - mausishuffle

  6. I love this colour!!! It looks stunning on you nails!

  7. Haha I had the same problem a few weeks ago in Reading, way too many to narrow down! This one I nearly came away with before remembering I have China Glaze Glittering Garland already which is close enough to make the price of the Colorstay too much!! It is gorgeous though, love your photos xxx