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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Naked Nails

No really here is a picture of my nails with only a base coat!
FYI My nails are usually a lot shorter for work!
It's not often you see what lies beneath but I thought I'd show you what I see most days. I don't wear polish when I'm working which makes me extra conscious of what my nails look like naked. I try to minimise yellowing by using the old toothpaste and bicarb technique as well as a bit of gentle buffing. Once in a while I might soak my nails in water which has a denture cleaning tablet dissolved in it. I also use Orly Cutique primarily as my cuticle remover but it's supposed to remove stains as well though I'm not entirely convinced it does.

To moisturise my cuticles I use mainly Burt's Bees Lemon Butter and a Superdrug cuticle oil containing vitamin E. I suffer from dry skin all over and my hands are no exception. They particularly suffer when I'm working as I wash them so much but my go to hand cream which offers much relief is the light texture Neutrogena fast absorbing hand cream. I have a pump bottle of the stuff which I carry everywhere!

Anyway a bit of a random post! 
How do you look after your nails?


  1. Wow... Your nails look great!!

    Can you tell me the trick about the toothpaste? I don't know it?

  2. Your nails are in great condition! I wish mine looked that good naked! Like the person above, I'm intrigued about the toothpaste and soda trick you mentioned....

  3. You've been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! x Visit for the rules.

  4. I'll write a post soon about the toothpaste trick.

    @Saima thank you