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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Models Own Hed Kandi Balearic Cool

Today I want to show you one of the polishes I bought from the Models Own Bottle Shop in Westfield, it's Balearic Cool from their Hed Kandi Collection. This bright aqua polish is pretty in your face and definitely screams for attention.
Looking at it in the bottle I thought it would be a cream finish but it's actually a bit sorbet-esque. After about 3 coats you can still see my nail line peeping through underneath so I guess if that's not your thing then I would suggest using a white base. I would also recommend a white base if you have yellow nails because this might end up look a bit green. I highly recommend this if you don't have anything like this in your stash as it's fast drying and super glossy. Definitely a good purchase! What do you think of the new Hed Kandi Collection?


  1. Oohhhh I have been waiting to see swatches for Balearic Cool. It is the only Hed Kandi I don't own but now I shall have to go get!!! Looks gorgeous on you x

  2. Ooh it's very pretty! Hope it doesn't stain...! xx