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Friday, 20 April 2012

Vote for me! Please :-)

I've just entered my MMM nails
in to Avon UK's Perfectly Polished Nailwear competition! If you like them please please vote for me! You can vote here. I'm number 130. When you vote you'll have to enter a name and an email address, obviously for marketing, so if you don't want to give these details I understand! Thanks muchly!!! xxx


  1. I voted for you, your nails are amazing! =)
    Although Avon UK is not going to have any marketing impact on me, but in my country it might. ;D

  2. I voted, these are gorgeous....I hope that you win!!!

  3. Voted! Because these really are too darned awesome to not get my vote!! (some things are worth the hassle of getting rid of spam)

  4. Voted! This manicure is just awesome.