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Friday, 13 April 2012

Fish Egg Friday

The Brand That Shall Not Be Named really pi**ed people off with their demands the other day so much so it has made bloggers around the world unite to give them and their overpriced beads in a bottle a two fingered salute. Some will agree and some will disagree with the brands conduct but whatever your thoughts today is about raising more awareness on how you can achieve 'that look' for next to nothing and to display our own DIY efforts.

So here's my third fish egg mani

Did you know that back in Feb 2011 celebrity manicurist Pattie Yankee with Dashing Diva created the Caviar manicure for the Cushnie et Ochs show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.You can read about it at The Polish Exchange.

There is nothing difficult about creating this fish egg manicure, all you need is some polish, some microbeads and a little tray to catch excess beads. Firstly paint all your nails with one coat of polish. Then one nail at a time paint another layer of polish then sprinkle the microbeads on. Slow drying polish work best as it gives you a little more time to get the beads on. Once you're happy with coverage gently pat the beads and push them in around the edges. Do this for all your nails and you're done! Check out Lucy's tutorial if I've confused you!

Where can I buy microbeads from?
If you're living in the UK you may find some in a local craft shop. I found a small pot for £1.50 and I have seen little packets of them for £1.70. In the US I heard Michael's sell them. They're also available online for next to nothing. Check Viva la Nails, Born Pretty Store or eBay/Google. The search terms I use for Google and eBay are: Nail Art, Micro beads, Bead balls

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Have you created a fish egg manicure today? If so post your links!xx


  1. ooh i love the beads on that black base. beautiful!

  2. Stunning I love the darker colour underneath, never occurred to me to do that!!

    1. Hehe I only did it because I had no black beads!

  3. Love the darker colour underneath! Looks fantastic!

  4. Lovely Anna! Did you just get yours at a local craft shop? I've looked around Hobbycraft a few times but couldn't find any at all!

    1. Thanks Sammy. Yes got mine from an independent craft shop. Haven't checked my local HobbyCraft yet...

  5. Reminds me chocolate cookies ^^ yay! Are awesome!!

  6. I posted mine but I didn't use beads. I used sundae sprinkles. I went to the craft store but they didn't have microbeads.

  7. Lovely! I love them even more because the black peeking under the beads. And your long nails are just gorgeous!

  8. look interesting!