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Monday, 23 May 2011

M&S Rainbow - High street Holographic that's easy to find

I have to admit I often over look M&S when it comes to make-up not because it's rubbish but I just don't associate M&S with make-up let alone nail polish, but food definitely!

To cut a long story short I was recently browsing through their nail polishes when I came across a silver polish called Rainbow. I thought it was a silly name for something so plain but when I picked it up I understood the rationale!

Take a look:

Part of their 'Perfection' range
Left to Right - GOSH, The MakeUp Store and M&S

Here I have compared it to GOSH's holographic and The Make up Store's Britta and you can see it's not as intense but nothing to be ashamed of. I would say the M&S polish is similar to the holographic-ness of Color Club's Fashion Addict and I'm guessing Worth the Risque which I don't have.

3 coats

In terms of application it's a lot easier that GOSH, there's no balding or dragging. You won't need to apply a top coat either because it has an 'extra vinyl' finish which would probably explain why it's not as intense as the other holographics. I can't comment on whether it's long wear because I only had it on for one day but it didn't flake off like GOSH can. This will set you back £7.50 for a 11ml. Not bad, not bad at all.

If you want to get yourself a bottle visit a larger M&S store that stocks their full range of make-up or alternatively visit their online store here.

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  1. lovely, it is very similar to color club worth the risque so i'll pass on this one