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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Waterfall nails using Born Pretty Store Nail Foil

Today I want to share with you a very pretty waterfall manicure I created using silver holographic nail foil* from Born Pretty Store

I started by painting my nails with CG - A Lilly Bit then once they had dried I painted lines of varying lengths starting from the cuticle with Kami Nail Foil Glue. Whilst I waited for this to become tacky I cut nail size pieces of foil ready to use. I then carefully placed the foil on the nail and gentle smoothed it onto the nail paying particular attention to where I had painted the glue. Then in one swift action I pulled it off. This should leave you with pretty holographic lines. To give it another dimension I added some extra lines using CG - At Vase Value.

The results are below:
The holo-ness really pops in direct sunlight.

What do you guys this?

This was the first time I used foils so it was a bit of trial and error. The foil came in a big sheet measuring 30cm x 10cm which meant I had to cut it to size but not have too much wastage. You will have to purchase nail foil glue separately which is essential for the foil to transfer properly. I resigned to this fact after much experimentation with various glues/topcoats etc. The foil is very holographic however applying a topcoat will dull the effect considerable. 

The Fantasy Starry Holo Nail Foils Glitter Transfer Stickers Nail Decoration come in lots of different designs and the one I used was number 38. Each sheet only costs $0.99. If you're into nail art check out Born Pretty Store for lots of cool nail art items that will get your creative juices flowing. 

Alternatively check them out on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Blogger or Instagram
*Press Sample


  1. This is brilliant and turned out so pretty ~

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  3. It looks awesome. Perfect for your nails :)

  4. Lovely nails!

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