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Thursday, 24 May 2012

International Nail Mail

Today I want to show you a lovely selection of polishes sent all the way from Brazil by the lovely Barbara. Those of you who have read my blog for a while will know that Barbara and I have swapped before and she is my Brazilian polish enabler!! She is also an avid polish collector and swatcher and thankfully since we last swapped she has come to her senses and started her own blog which you can check out here! It's still in its infancy but be prepared to see awesome swatches of Brazilian polishes as well as well known brands.

Anyway have a little looky at what she sent me because honestly I was totally gobsmacked. Thank you Barbara!
1. O Boticario - London Night Blue, 2. HITS Speciallita Mari Moon - Artsy, 3. HITS Speciallita Mari Moon - Trendy, 4. HITS Speciallita Mari Moon - Cutie Pie, 5. HITS Speciallita Phenomena - Moonbow, 6. HITS Speciallita Phenomena - Afterglow, 7. HITS Speciallita Phenomena - Borealis, 8. HITS Speciallita Phenomena - Air Glow, 9. Risque - Violeta Acinzentado, 10. Impala - Na Mira 3D, 11. MOHDA - 1o Beijo, 12. Ana Hickman - Reflex
Seriously the generosity of others never ceases to amaze me and all the polishes I have received from around the world are very much treasured but now I have so much swatching to do >_<


  1. I need a Barbara in my life! xoxo

  2. Dang, nice haul! Would love to see swatches of #11 & #12!

  3. I´m so glad you liked it.
    I´m looking forward to your swatches.

  4. Mari moooooon!! Wow what an incredible nail mail :)
    Look forward to the swatches :)