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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Barry M Silvery Lilac

Many of you will know that Barry M recently released a load of new polishes, I've already shown you Denim, Black Multi Glitter and Copper which have not disappointed at all. Today I have one last polish to show you, Silvery Lilac. I have left this polish to last not because I think it's the best but because it was a bit of a nightmare to photograph. Still not 100% happy but I guess it can't be perfect all the time!

There was talk Silvery Lilac could be a dupe of Butter London's Knackered but looking at pictures I can tell it's not. It does have the same silver/lilac duochrome but it lacks the holographic glitter that seems to be in Knackered.
Direct Sunlight
Silvery lilac is quite a sheer polish which requires about 3 coats but even then you can still see the nail line.
Back-lit - Here the duochrome is more obvious and you can see the silver flecks in the polish

I added a coat of HITS Hefesto to add that missing sparkle. What do you think? Do you think it's an improvement?
Out of the new polishes I picked up this is my least favourite, it's missing that wow factor that I was really hoping for when I bought it.


  1. I really want Knackered but it's so expensive, I might just buy this one and deal with it haha!

  2. I liked this polish, but think it might be better layered over something pale...Or something dark! It's quite nice over black :)

  3. This is really pretty :) Quite similar to one from the Topshop Sisters of the New Moon collection. I love it with the added holographic sparkle!

  4. This looks so pretty! Think I might get this one.