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Sunday, 10 June 2012

essence Nail Colour 3 - Midnight Date

Hi there!
Today I want to share with you Essence 'Midnight Date' from the Colour3 range. I received this from the lovely Mateja from  Rainbows and Blues.

So let's see...
This duo consists of a gorgeous Navy 'base' that shifts between purple and teal and a flakie 'top coat' that has the same colour shift.
This is the base alone. The quality is fantastic and easily a one coater but the picture shows two due to habit! It dries quickly and to a glossy finish.
As you can see I have failed miserably at capturing the multichrome-ness of this polish so you will have to believe me that it shifts to purple and teal!
These duo polishes allow you the choice of wearing the polishes alone or layered. Here I have layered the flakie over the navy base.
The navy base alone is lovely but with the flakie on top it just another dimension to the overall finish. One thing I would say is that after applying the flakie you'll need to add another topcoat if you want a glossy finish.
And here is a picture of the flakie alone (2 coats). In the picture this looks very sheer but in real life the nail line is not as visible.

Overall I love this duo, what I don't love is the packaging as it's a pain in the ass to store!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures xx


  1. You have amazing nails. It looks so good on you.

  2. this is a cool polish!

  3. Ooh , I have this one, need to get my backside in gear and try it!!

  4. Uuuuuh, it looks sooooo amazing on your pretty long nails! I'm glad I sent it to you, it makes your nails perfect! <3

    1. :-) I'm very grateful you sent it to me. I'm really impressed with the quality and the subtle shift is colours x

  5. Hey there, you can dedouble these kind of polishes by pulling each tube at the same time, they're not glued together and you'll get two tiny tubes of nailpolish, MUCH easier to store ;>