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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Nail Pop Juice

Hey ladies, today I want to share with you a gorgeous polish from Look Beauty.
This is the gorgeous Juice from their Nail Pop range. It is a coral that leans towards pink. I'm not huge pink fan but I prefer pink corals to orange corals as they're so much more versatile and compliment my skin tone. I have a few Nail Pop polishes and I love every single one, they apply beautifully and last several days with minimal wear and chipping. This particularly polish is not 100% opaque as after two coats you can still see my nail line but this does not bother me because it's so hot.
Nail Pop is available from some Superdrug stores or from here. Priced at £5 each they're in the upper price bracket of drug store brands, however, there is currently £2 off, so go grab some you won't be disappointed.


  1. This is gorgeous and really suits you. Might have to order some of these online as I never see them in Superdrug, no matter how many different branches I look in!

  2. I love this color ! :D it looks good on you :)