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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

H&M Peppermint Fusion

This polish has been around for a while, however, it was only recently I found it in my local H&M. From a distance it looks like a plain periwinkle creme but on closer inspection there is also a subtle light blue shimmer that adds a little more dimension to the finish.
Now that I have it and have worn it on my nails I can understand the love for this polish. It's very feminine and I would imagine flattering against any skintone. The only downside to this polish is that it required 3 coats and that it bubbled in some areas, though this could be partly my fault as I applied quite thick coats and didn't allow each coat dry properly before applying the next.

Do you have this polish and have you experienced any bubbling?


  1. This is gorgeous. From the title I was expecting something more green but I absolutely love this blue shade.

  2. I WANT THIS POLISH SO MUCH. Your swatch is amazing, even with the slight bubbling.