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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Summery gradient

Back in April I created this funky french mani. The two colours really worked well together so I decided to create a gradient mani using the same colour combo. However, instead of using China Glaze For Audrey I used Color Club's Take Me To Your Chateau as it is very opaque and less likely to be dulled by the coral which I found out is called Oh Naturale.
Transition between colours a lot more seamless IRL.
Gradient manis are very popular at the moment and there are a number of techniques you can use to create the look. The technique that I find works best for me is to paint my nail with the less opaque polish first and let it dry. Then on a sponge (I use cheapy make-up sponges from Poundland) paint the two colours and sponge on the nail.

Are you loving the gradient trend? 


  1. I am loving the gradient trend. Though I haven't created a gradient myself in quite some time. Great color choices!

  2. This is totally a different way than I have ever seen. I love how different and beautiful it is!!

  3. definitely loving this trend, yours looks awesome!!

  4. Such a lovely fun contrast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This is such a gorgeous look, I love the colours you've chosen xx