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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Shimmer - Adrienne, Nicole, Stephanie, Tammy

Today I have for you another four Shimmer glitters. In my previous posts I layered Shimmer glitters over a coloured based but for the following four I wanted to test their coverage over plain nails. I'm pretty pleased as they're very wearable without a base. Let's have a look...

Adrienne is predominately a blue glitter with a subtle mix of gold. There is also a sprinkle of red glitter which serve as an accent. I wore this to my birthday meal at the beginning of the month and it looked super sparkly under the candlelit conditions of the restaurant. Very distracting.
Nicole is only glitter which I can think of a dupe for. With its blue, red and silver glitter this patriotic mix resembles Barry M's Jewel Britannia. Nicole, however, is much more complex with its large variety of different sized glitters. Here I have used two coats.
Stephanie is a densely packed blue glitter with hints of red and silver. Containing mainly smaller sized glitter 1 coat of this offers excellent coverage.
The gold in Tammy puts this glitter in the same family as Adrienne. The purple and black glitter makes this the darker sister. I love the use of bar glitter in this as it creates an extra dimension on the nail.

As you can see these glitters look fantastic without a coloured base. I would recommend using a few coats of top coat to really bring out the sparkle.

If you're interested in buying this polish or want to check out other Shimmer polishes you can visit Cindy's Etsy shop. Each bottle retails for $12 USD.

*These polishes was provided for my honest, unbiased review.


  1. All of them are truly amazing, I would have a hard time picking even 2 out of the 4 versus getting them all. And they look perfect on your beautiful nails :-)

  2. I can´t even tell which one is the prettiest!

  3. Great pics and great review as always! <3