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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Minty glitter

Hi ladies hope you're all having a fab weekend. Yesterday I went to a forensic radiography study day which was fantastic. It was less radiography and more forensics with a lot more graphic imagery than I had been anticipating, thankfully though when it comes to guts and gore my stomach is quite strong but the imagery will definitely stay with me for a while! All the guess speakers (forensic archaeologist, anthropologist, odontologist, radiographer and chemist) were top of their field. Who knew there could be so much to learn about blue bottle flies! I totally want to visit a body farm! lol. Anyway I digress...
Today I want to show you Barry M mint green top with a glitter I bought from Claire's.
2 coats here
In my head I had envisaged a green version of DL Glitter in the air but as you can see it's not quite there. I didn't want to create a franken because the mint green is a bit too opaque and would hide all the glitter.
This nameless glitter contains a mix of large green, rose gold and gold hex pieces with small bits of gold. It's so delicate! The glitter topper does dry quite slowly and requires some strategic dabbing.

Do you like it? What have you been up to this weekend?



  1. It sounds like u had an AMAZING weekend! Sounds interesting- I'm into all the forensic shows. LOL I managed to get barged and packed like a sardine in Leicester Square, I had no idea they were having the dragons today! BIG mistake, trying to get some Dim Sum. LOL. This polish combo looks amazing. May have to pay Claires a visit- hopefully they still have it. :o)

  2. That's a different glitter combo-- I'll have to check Claire's soon I guess! Thanks for the post!

  3. I love the combo! I'm definitely trying this!

  4. I like this layering. very pretty :)

  5. Pretty combo!!! I love that green!

  6. I love this mani! My weekend has been so busy... feel like I missed a day somewhere, but it was good.

  7. OMG that Barry M is the definition of a perfect colour!