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Monday, 2 January 2012

Seeing double

Hopefully you've all recovered and are ready for whatever 2012 may throw at you. For me this is going to be a very interesting year. I finish my degree in 6 months and will be all qualified and raring to go. It's been almost 3 years since I have a full-time job with regular income and I can definitely say the novelty has completely worn off. Fingers crossed I can get a job without too many problems.

So NYE was predictably quiet, I stayed in, had a few too many glasses of bucks fizz and was in bed by midnight watching the fireworks. I much prefer celebrating the Chinese New Year and to be fair I did have to start work at 9am. And because I had to work I had no mani to see me in to the new year!

But I'm making up for it now with this manicure!

For Christmas my bf bought me Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday and I know you're probably tired of seeing it but it's exactly what I needed, colour and bling!

Now do you notice any difference between the nails (apart from the obvious white base I used for the ring finger)?

No what if I showed you this...
Click images to enlarge
I've deliberately uploaded big images so you can have a closer look at the glitter

In the bottle they do look a little bit different but I can tell you now that the only difference between the two bottles is the ratio of colour glitter and I guess if you want to be picky the drying time as well.
HB has a lot more glitter packed in and there is also more small blue bits of glitter. One coat gives you a very good amount on glitter. NYX on the other hand is a lot sparser and with one coat you might get the odd large hex and a few smaller pieces. You have to 'place' the NYX glitter and because the clear base is effectively layered, drying time is slow. So with that in mind can you tell which is which? Nonetheless both are lovely and Carnival is a great alternative if you're on a tight budget. I don't really care that I have dupes because the more glitter the better.

Speaking of glitter and dupes remember I took advantage of the Models Own deal on ASOS, well look at this...

Models Own - Disco Mix, L.A. Colors - Jewel Tone
Anyway have a closer look and I'll leave it at that for now!

Anna xx


  1. Love your manicure it's very pretty.I think Disco mix and jewel tone do look alike.

  2. Thanks for this, great dupes.

  3. if you hadn't said anything i wouldn't have noticed they were different polishes! but they are both soo pretty, loll, don't you hate the moment you think you've got a great deal on a brand new unique polish only to find it's a dupe ! loll btw, i'm liking your dupe swatchy thingy paper, it makes it a lot clearer : ) sorry for the long comment !

  4. I bought dupes of rainbow glitter myself. And actually they might be dupes of these ones too. I got Milani Jewel FX and Nicole Rainbow S-Kylie which is also a dupe of the OPI chunky rainbow glitter. This must have been a popular polish among the different brands.

  5. I found the LA Color version at my local Dollar Tree. I picked up 2 of these.

    I live in Central Texas, maybe they might be in other States.