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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Glittery Nude using Barry M Lychee and Amethyst Glitter

The other day I decided to have a little look through my Helmer to rediscover some forgotten nail polishes. There are so many untried gems that I've made it my mission to swatch them or at least use them in a mani this month (famous last words).

Today I have for you Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Lychee and Amethyst Glitter. Lychee is hands down one of my favourite nudes. The formula is wonderfully smooth and opaque only requiring 2 coats for an opaque finish. I found it dried really quickly and not to mention to a high shine. And it's perfect for my skin tone.

Amethyst is a mix of small blue, black, purple, red, pink and gold hex glitter in a clear base. It's a very pretty mix of glitter that is very eye-catching alone (3-4 coats) or layered over a base like I've done here.
I used Essie Matte topcoat
One layer of Ameythst over 2 coats of Lychee
I never really thought about using a nude base for my glitters but after this I'm definitely going to try it more often. Do you ladies have these polishes? What do you think of them and how do you wear them? Take care A x


  1. looks amazing over the nude.

  2. This looks amazing! Will definitely have to give this a try :-)

    Sarah @ Sarah's Beauty Emporium xxx

  3. nice combination of glitter & nude base color ! <3

  4. How I don't own these polishes, I don't know. But they're now on the list!
    Do you find with the matte Essie topcoat that you get a couple of little white splodges when it dries? Maybe I just have a duff bottle!
    Love this mani xoxo

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  7. What an adorable combination! I love matching my glitters with a nude base.

  8. Perfect combo! I love Amethyst! So pretty!