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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Color Club Fashion Addict

It was only after I had made an order from an eBay seller for some hard to find polish (in the UK) that I read about duds and people's disappointment with some of color club holos. I hoped that I would get a good bottle but inside I reluctantly resigned to the fact I was going to receive a dud. So when my package finally came from the states Fashion Addict looked flat and my heart sank. However the next day when the sunlight caught my nails I could see glimpses of a rainbow and the signs of a holo!! Could it be? To be honest I don't know if I have a good or a bad bottle but there is definitely something there. I've tried to capture it on camera for you guys to see...

I had to fiddle with the exposure factors because my compact gets confused when there are areas of light and dark.
This is my thumb and the colours are a little more saturated because the photo was deliberately underexposure!
Before a clean up!! artificial lighting

Is this a dud? Should there be more holo?

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  1. this is not a dud, i also ordered mine from usa but it was very little if any holo, looks lovely on you