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Friday, 15 April 2011

Zeitgeist - The Perfect Duochrome

Whenever I visit my parents I always end up rummaging through boxes of my old junk in the hope of discovering forgotten treasures from my childhood. Usually I find nothing but last week I found a few old nail polishes which I'm positive date back as far as 2001.

The first one I want to share is called Zeitgeist by Rimmel. Part of their 60 seconds range, it is the perfect duochrome!

(ignore the lumpy application and tips, that was my fault!)

From the pictures you can see the main colours are an aubergine purple and a greeny coppery gold! Depending on the lighting and the angle you look one will be more pronounced. In the bottle there is a hint of blue (think oil slick) but unfortunately this doesn't appear on the nails.

Despite the age (at least 10 years, just look at the old bottle design) the polish applies wonderfully. It's a little thick but the formula is designed to give perfect coverage in one coat and it did, kind of!

I don't really have any other duochromes (at the moment) that give such an obviously effect so this will be added to my growing nail polish collection. It's funny because I remember when I first got this I hated it and was tempted to throw it out, luckily I didn't.

This nail polish has been discontinued but you may still find it on eBay.

A x

1 comment:

  1. I Remember Zeitgeist, So Beautiful!
    I bought a whole joblot of nail polish on eBay just for one old gloopy zeitgeist :) Shame they don't still make it, but you can get some other beauties these days!