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Friday, 30 March 2012

Kaviar Nails Again

Despite being totally impractical (I'm dropping beads everywhere) I've decided I quite like the effect and even the texture of these 'Caviar nails' (originally created by Dashing Diva). I had another go creating them but this time with a dark base using the same mix of beads I have. The wheel that separated the colours broke which is why they're mixed.

Color Club - Rebel Spirit
This manicure reminds me of those chocolate buttons with the hundreds and thousands on top.
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You can recreate this look easily using polish you already own and some micro beads like this

which you can buy on eBay for about £1 (search for beads nail art) or you could check out your local craft shop. All you need to do is use a polish of your choice as a base. Make sure you apply a thick layer of polish and then sprinkle these on top and then once the polish has started to dry tap the beads gently for a more secure fit. Easy!!


  1. So adorable! ♥ I love everything about this manicure!

  2. I tried this today (just on one finger to test it), and think it looks soooo cool!! Did you push the beads into a clear coat or just the polish itself. I used a coat of Gelous to stick the beads on, then sealed just the free edge with SV and I haven't lost any beads at all!

    I love the multicolored look! It's beautiful!

  3. So awesome! Love the colors on this ~

  4. I tried Caviar Mani yesterday, in lovely cobalt blue, but your so full of colours is cooool :-)

  5. Oh my gosh, chocolate buttons. Yes! Totally looks like those delightful chocolate buttons!

  6. Thanks ladies. I think this is my fav way of doing the caviar look. It looks edible!

    @Goose I just sprinkled the bead directly into the polish. I don't have the gelous polish but I may try it with seche vite next time.

  7. Your nails look great! I'm kind of on the fence about caviar nails, but I think yours is my favourite of the ones I've seen.

    Random fact: the proper name for those chocolate buttons is 'nonpareils'. (I learned this from a crossword puzzle last week!)

  8. What's the name of these beads? I was hoping to buy some (maybe Amazon?) but I have NO idea what they're called. lol

  9. @Sophie You learn something new everyday!

    @MothyrGrimm I bought my beads on eBay. Just search for micro beads/mini beads for nail art.

  10. Love this!!! Amazing! We call non pareils 'jazzies' I love them. Def trying this look!!


  11. This look great! I'm going to buy some beads on eBay and give it go myself. Btw, I can't believe Ciate emailed you to threaten you about using the term "caviar nails"?! I'm just going to start calling this look "Kaviar nails" like you. That, and I won't be spending any of my money on Ciate products any more.

  12. This is exactly what happened to my nail bead wheel so I gave this a go back in January but only on the one nail! should have done them all!