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Friday, 2 March 2012

No Buy March!

Yes this month I plan on buying no nail polish! It's going to be a real test of will-power but I am determine to succeed! Not only am I hoping to save a few bob but also appreciate the polishes that I already have and start pulling out untrieds. I guess my only worry is that come April I will splurge and make up for March lol.

Have any of you decided to cut back? Should this self-imposed ban include polishes bought for others as swaps? Can I ask someone else to buy a polish on my behalf!!?


  1. I'm also on a no-buy for March! I spent way too much in the past few months and my untried's are 100+. This is day 2 and I have done well so far! I have and will be buying polishes for someone in the birthday club and also am due to receive swaps that I arranged in February. Also, it is Mother's Day this year and so if I get desperate for something I might order it and ask the other half to pay for it! Lol. Last month I bought/swapped around 60 polishes which is way too much! I am going back to work from maternity leave in April and so need a new work wardrobe and a haircut so needs must! x

    1. I meant to say mother's day this month of course! Lol x

  2. Good luck! I failed already when I entered Big Lots. Haha. I think I have over 300 untried. I'm such a hoarder.