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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Guest Post - Frances shows us China Glaze Tinsel Town

Hey Everyone!

Today I want to introduce Frances who has very kindly written a guest post for you guys. Frances is a fellow nail blogger who shares her gorgeous NOTDs and Swatches over at Polka Polish. If you haven't checked out her blog please take a moment to do so after reading this post :-)


Anna put up a post last week asking for guest posts to help her keep the blog running while she finishes her dissertation, so I contacted her (with some trepidation, since her nails are so long and fabulous and mine are a bit nubbin-esque) and offered to pitch in, since I absolutely adore her blog. Anna asked me to share the nails I'll be wearing for my Senior Recital (an event something like a combination of defending your thesis and prom, with an audience).

Of course, my Senior Recital hasn't happened yet, and I didn't want to keep Anna waiting forever, so here's one of my top contenders: China Glaze Tinsel Town. I like Tinsel Town because it's a perfect match for my shoes and jewelry, it's three easy coats (I could've gotten away with two, but cameras are finicky), and it's fabulously glittery. The downsides of Tinsel Town are... um... it eats top coat a little (pictured with 2 coats of NYC Grand Central Station) it matches my shoes and jewelry perfectly, and it might be too much. I took all of these pictures in my homemade "light box" made of two compact fluorescent lamps, the corner of my bedroom, and a small table.


Thank you Frances your lovely pictures have definitely made me add Tinsel Town to my wishlist.
I was a bit late posting this but Frances had her recital yesterday (I hope it went well). Keep your eye out on her blog to see what she decided to wear in the end.

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