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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Nail Mail - making my no buy easier!

10 days into my no buy and I'm still clean.
I will admit there have been several occasions where I've found myself wandering towards the till with a polish in hand only to be stopped from making the purchase by thoughts of being branded a failure...
 ...Only another 21 days to go.

Today urges to buy (geez I sound like a complete addict) were tamed after I received some amazing nail mail which before you guys say anything were organised/purchased last month.

First up are polishes from Barb over at Bonjour Beauty. We agreed to do a little swap at the beginning of the year but due to life and uni getting in the way we only managed to do the swap recently. I really wanted Revlon Whimsical as a sub for DL Glitter in the Air which was sold out in the UK for the longest time (I recently got GITA as a gift so can do a comparison) and SH Rock Star Pink to make a possible Butter London Black Night franken. Barb also kindly included a couple of the new Hunger Games polishes from ChG which were on my wishlist! Thank you Barb.
 China Glaze - Agro, Dress Me Up, Sally Hansen - Rock Star Pink, Revlon - Whimsical
When I saw ABOP's dotting frenzy post I knew I wanted to get my hands on the Mia Secret polish tints. Not knowing where these were sold I contacted the company to ask if I could purchase some directly from them. After a promising reply to my initial enquiry my hopes of getting them were dashed when they didn't bother to reply to my subsequent emails. Thanks, no really you'll understand why in a sec. 

After a bit of searching I managed to find City Nail Supplies who sold them for $2.50 a bottle and shipped internationally.
 Mia Secret Nail Tint - Red, Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Yellow
As well as ordering the nail tints I also picked up Electra Magneta, 2NITE and FYI.
LOL and Optical Illusion were included as extras because my order was a little delayed :-)

China Glaze - FYI, LOL, 2NITE, Electra Magneta, Optical illusion
Are you still paying attention? 
Good because you can pick up FYI, LOL, 2NITE, DV8 for $9.99 (approx £6.40) per bottle. They were only $5 when I ordered (smug) but $9.99 is still better than eBay prices.

I know there's the urge to buy them all up and sell them on eBay to make a profit but I really hope people don't do that. It just means poor people like me who can't afford eBay prices have the opportunity to add some HTFs to their collection at a sensible price.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you make a purchase. 


  1. loll, awesome nail mail, I'm gonna have to get me some of those omgs !!! , how much was shipping ?

    1. It varies but it is calculated for you at checkout.

  2. Done, and done... Order complete! I honestly never thought I would have a chance for any of the OMG collection and you changed that! Yay, thank you. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Hey look, the price went up again. Waiiiiiiting to get mine :)