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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Recent Bargains

Everyone loves a bargain like they love Raymond and I'm pretty fortunate or unfortunate depending on which way you look at it to live near a high street lined with pound shops and most importantly of all a TK Maxx. I'm not going to lie, I would swap my current surroundings to live in Wimbledon Village or even back in Highgate (I lived there once!) but it's not going to happen unless I win Euromillions, so I'll continue to take comfort in the bargains I find in these shops.

TK Maxx has been unreal recently, they've had Color Club Sets piled high on the shelves, Essie Duos and Trios, Orly Trios, Nails Inc sets and I even spotted some Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail stripes. Poundland and Poundworld have not disappointed either. I've found Sinful Colors, Rimmels and Sally Hansen. I know these polishes are probably ex stock from the US and last seasons colours but I do not care, a bargain is a bargain.

There have also had some great offers on which I could not ignore online and in my usual haunt Superdrug. Ready to see what have accumulated over the past month or so...
  1. WAH Nail Art pens from Urban Outfitters online, RRP £6 each got them for £3 saved myself £9 (Blue, Pink and Yellow) 
  2. ORLY trio (Fowl Play, Le Chateau and Androgynie) from TK Maxx. No idea how much big bottles (18ml) like this are in the UK but the mini bottles in boots are £5 (5ml) each so paying £7.99 for all 3 is a steal. 
  3. SINFUL COLORS - Daddy's Girl and What's Your Name from Poundworld. £1 each. 
  4. COLOR CLUB Alter Ego set from TK Maxx, £7.99. 
  5. LOOK Beauty Nail Pop - Bling, Juice and Vintage, RRP £5 each but there was £2 off. Got these from Superdrug.
  6. ESSIE - Funny Face, Bobbing for Baubles, 3-way glaze and ridge filler. These came as duos for £7.99. In Boots Essie polishes go for £7.99 each for colours and £8.99 for Nail Care polishes.
  7. SALLY HANSEN - Purple Pizzazz from Poundland. When I got this home I noticed it's almost a dupe of SC's Daddy's Girl (oops) but the little bit of glitter are slightly different so it's ok!
  8. RIMMEL - Camoflague and Night Before from Poundworld
  9. RIMMEL - Green with Envy from Poundworld. I've never seen these bigger bottles of 60 Seconds in the UK so these must have come from another country. Not complaining though. Night Before is absolutely gorgeous and has the same kind of unicorn pee shimmer seen in Fantasy Fire though not as strong.
I've not calculated how much I've spent here but feel free. All I know is that I have saved myself a lot of money and got some gorgeous polishes to boot.

Have you found some bargains recently?

Thanks for reading.


  1. oooh jealous of that alter ego set!

  2. Very jealous of the Orly trio - I ADORE Fowl Play and Androgynie. Haven't seen Orly in my local TK Maxx but have seen Color Club, Essie, Barielle, Eyeko, Pixi and occasionally an OPI.
    Wildly jealous of this amount of bargains!! xoxo

  3. I seriously need to start making time to go to TK Maxx, who'd have thought they'd have such awesome polish at those prices ?!

  4. Can't believe you found that orly trio in tkmaxx! The one's near me never have any good stock. They had Essie duos in the other week but all the colours had separated and looked horrible :) xx

  5. I'm in Canada and I have that green with envy rimmel shade, picked it up quite a few years ago now ^^