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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Furry Fuzzy Leopard Nails

Hi Ladies
Last night I finally got round to recreating the furry fuzzy neon leopard print mani on my actual nails.
For those of you who missed my original post I originally created this manicure on some fake nails using black flocking powder, but I wanted to do it on my own nails as fakes just look bad on me.
I used the same method and I am pleased with the results. The only issue I had was getting the black flocking powder to stick to the black area I drew on with an art pen. I drew on one blob then sprinkled powder on but the polish dried so quickly. Next time I think I will try using a slower drying polish.
In terms of longevity the fuzz didn't last long especially after washing my hands but this was probably due to the poor adhesion.

So what do you think? Do you think this is practical or just a one night thing? Will you give it a go?


  1. It looks fun for a night out.

  2. Very cool! I have some flocking powder I still haven't gotten the nerve to try out and this really makes me want to give it a whirl!

  3. This looks AWESOME! I think I'm going to have to try this out for sure!

  4. that is extremely amazing! *O*

  5. it looks 100 times better on your nails! Gorgeous! <3

  6. its cool! i tried to do this a few months ago but i could not make it work. to get that powder to stay you really need a thick coat of polish. of course i tried to stamp zebra stripes and flock over it, total fail. you did a great job, you'd never know you had trouble with it staying on!

  7. I love it! I just made my boss come take a look. lol