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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Hits Phenomena - Moonbow

This swatch is long over due but truth be told I've been a little afraid of this multichrome glittery beauty. In fact I've been putting off swatching the whole Phenomena collection because I just didn't want to suck at capturing their true beauty. Duochromes are hard enough but a multichrome, I can end up with over one hundred photos and still not be happy with a single one. But today I bit the bullet and swatched the gorgeous Moonbow for you.

This little baby does not need any introduction so here are the pics. Enjoy.
Multichrome glitter in a clear base
This multichrome glitter shifts from green, aqua, purple, magenta and at extreme angles you can see orange which you can see in the bottle.
The Phenomena collection is said to be very similar to the Ozotic Elytra polishes but at a much more affordable price.
In the pictures I layered two coats over a black base. The glitter is pretty dense so I think if you were to use this alone you would require about 3-4 coats for full coverage. I have absolutely no complaints about this polish but if I had to complain about something it would be the fact it's not 3-free.

Ah it's so awesome and distracting!
Do you own any of the polishes from this collection? How do you like to wear them?

**thanks to Barb for sending these polishes to me


  1. Can u tell us where to buy them?

  2. oh my, oh my! what a lovely nail polish~ *O*

  3. Wow that is really stunning! xoxo

  4. Amazing swatches. I fell in love all over again with it.
    Sadly most of brazilian nail polishes are not 3-free. =(

  5. That is so pretty! Hits come out with some beautiful polishes!

  6. Your photos are gorgeous and really show this polish in its best light. I love it!

  7. This polish looks sooooo pretty ! WANT !