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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Barry M - Pink Silver Glitter

With temperatures hitting 30 degrees Celsius in London this week I think it's safe to say the summer is finally here! Yay! I've totally been lapping it up and have been out and about with friends, eating way too much ice cream and crepes, drinking one too many lime and sodas and wearing totally inappropriate shoes for walking around Hampstead Heath. Ah summer in London really is the best :-)

I have forgone the nail polish these past few days so haven't much to show but I do have some swatches of Barry M Pink Silver Glitter which I did on Monday. This glitter is one of many recently released. I wasn't going to get it originally but I saw my friend wearing it and it looked really nice on. So the first thing I would say about this polish that it looks better on than in the bottle. Secondly it looks nothing like Nail Pop Bling which I thought could have been a dupe. PSG contains fine rose pink and silver glitter only where as Bling has a mix of sizes and actually is a completely different colour. The glitter which is suspended in a clear base is quite dense but it still requires about 3 coats for complete coverage. Each coat dries fairly quickly and the overall finish is a little gritty which is expected of glitters, a layer or two of top coat sorts that out though.

It's a lovely feminine colour and perfect with white floaty dresses lol.
Thanks for reading xxx


  1. Ooh I really like this polish!!


  2. thats such a nice colour but i find glitter nail polishes so hard to remove!

  3. Beautiful. I'm imagining it with a floaty dress right now. lol

    It's been around 30 degrees here humidity. I love other countries that use celsius. I never know what temperature it is in the states. I suppose mathematically I good figure it out...but I don't like math :oP