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Monday, 7 November 2011

Moustache Mani Monday!

During the month of November (or 'Movember') men around the world will be growing their 'taches to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. Unfortunately for us women it's quite difficult to grow a 'tache and join in, however Tracie over at The TraceFace Philes has come up with a novel way to show our support by proposing 'Moustache Mani Monday' where you paint moustaches on our nails. It's such a cute idea I couldn't resit joining in, so today I want to show you my moustache mani, hope you like it.

Here are some ideas if you're stuck.
Source: Google
Did you join in? Supply a link and let me see!!


  1. WOW lovelovelove that mani! So awesome! <3

  2. These are great!!!! Much better than mine!!

  3. This is great! Thanks for participating!!! Excellent job! <3