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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Models Own vs Accessorize

When I initially saw swatches of Models Own Pinky Brown I was sure we had a dupe on our hands. I couldn't have been more wrong as we shall see...

L-R: Models Own Purple Blue, Accessorize Aztec, Pink Spice and Models Own Pinky Brown
Pink Spice is way more pink where as Pinky Brown is almost purple in comparison. Pinky Brown is definitely more complex with no one colour really standing out like Pink Spice.
Please excuse my dry hands. I'm back on placement, washing my hands every 5 mins is taking it's toll.

I also decided to do a comparison of Models Own Purple Blue and Accessorize Aztec for you guys
Purple Blue has a brown base where as Aztec has a blue base. In certain light Aztec shifts to a very bright green where as Purple blue to a purple/magenta colour.

So what do you think?


  1. All are so pretty. Thanks for the comparison! :)

  2. I NEED THEMMMMMM. They look gorgeous on you!

  3. How spooky I was looking at those 2 Accessorize nails polishes today and thinking how much I needed them!! I'll deffo get the Acc Pink Spice and I've got MO Pinky Brown on it's way, OMG, so excited, this post was made for me! Thanks for sharing.