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Friday, 4 November 2011

Models Own - Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice, BEETLE JUICE!!

I've lost the will to live!! LOL. It has literally taken me all day to find the best lighting setup that demonstrates the multichromey-ness of these polishes. Multichromes are a flipping pain in the ass to photograph at the best of times but I didn't want to do a half-hearted job because if I'm not going to do it properly I might as well not do it at all right?

Was the wait worth it? You decide...

Golden Green
I thought I'd start with my favourite, a gorgeous shimmery green that when held at certain angles gives you that luminous green you see in unicorn pee polishes. It glows like how I'd imagine toxic waste would.

Pinky Brown
Seen this before? MAC Bad Kitty? Accessorize Pink Spice? When I saw swatches of this online before release I had a feeling it was going to be very similar. I have Pink Spice so can do a comparison if anyone is interested. Pink spice may be a little more pink in my memory serves me correctly.

Aqua Violet
I personally think Models Own should have concentrated on shimmers and this one demonstrates why. Gorgeous Aqua that flashes violet without much effort.

Emerald Black
This is the least duo/multichrome of the bunch. On the nails IRL the effect is hardly noticable. Under strong light (enlarge the photo) you can see the green and the dark dark blue. If only they had made the green brighter more glowly this would have been my fav.

Purple Blue
The most difficult one to photograph and my least fav. The effect is very obvious but the colour combo is doing nothing for me.

So in summery some of the colours I feel 'meh' about which you've probably picked up on however I'm totally smitten with the golden green! I'm glad I got them all though because I like them as part of a skittle like my first pic!
It's funny that pinky brown is the only one to sell out but it's one that we've all seen before with dupes readily available!

[Extra info: Pinky brown and purple blue are both glass-fleck (is that what it's called) multichromes and both are very sheer. I used 3 coats to get full coverage so they may be better layered over a black base.
The other three are shimmers and required 2 generous coats (I think I applied 3 for good measure). Unfortunately these polishes contain those nasty chemicals we all hate but on the plus side they do dry pretty fast!]

Hope this post helps you guys decide which polishes to buy! Let me know your fav!
A x


  1. They're all so pretty, I think Aqua Violet and Golden Green are my faves though.

    Purple Blue looks quite similar to Accesorize Aztec, though Aztec is more green than blue.

  2. OMG, they area ALL so gorgeous, want! Except maybe Golden Green and Aqua Violet. :)

  3. *Drool, drool, drool* I love these swatches, and all of the colours!!! I can't wait for mine to arrive...:D But the website says shipping can take up to 4 weeks, so I'm dying in anticipation here.:D

  4. You should share this post with the Model's Own Facebook page! Your swatches are great and capture the different colors in each polish beautifully without having to resort to 5 pics apiece. :)

  5. @Little Red I thought Purple Blue would be similar to Aztec but it isn't really. I shall do a comparison if I get a chance.

    @Moonchild Get them all!!

    @Mnemo Let's hope they come quickly :-)

    @Fading Cadence I tried to submit photos using the FB page I created for this blog but it didn't work :-(

  6. I like them all, and wish I could get them all, I already own pink spice so I would love a comparison. Btw your pictures came out really good.