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Saturday, 12 November 2011


Today the nail polish Gods must have been shining down on me for I found a set of Color Club polishes in TK Maxx! I've read they've been popping up in stores but never thought I'd find any since I hardly have time to go shopping and my local TK Maxx has quite a high turnover. So you can imagine my excitement at finding them but then to discover they were only £7.99 (This is cheap for the UK) just made me a little giddy! I don't even know where to get Color Club sets from in the UK (I know Sally's have the mini sets sometimes) so I'm wondering where on earth this stock came from! Anyway those in the UK get your butts down to your local TK Maxx asap, well as long as it's not my one. LOL

Oh I almost forgot... I got a set from the Back to Boho Collection! There are a gazillion swatches online for these but if anyone does want me to do swatches let me know!


  1. Go TK Maxx Go! I got my sets there too. Both Boho sets and also the smelly fruity ones a couple of months back. So pleased with them, price as well.

  2. Nice! I would love to see swatches :)