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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Sinful Colors

Hello ladies (and gents) hope you're all well. I've been rather knackered this week as I've had to get up at ridiculous times to get the train to my cardiac placement. So far this week I've seen quite a few coronary angio's, TAVI's and today I got to see a triple by-pass being performed. Anyway...back to polish. Today I have for you swatches of the Sinful Color polishes I received from my Canadian friend last month. Apologises if you have been waiting for me to swatch these but I'm pretty behind with swatching at the moment!

First up is Mint Apple a lovely mint-green leaning towards Tiffany box blue with silver shimmer. It definitely reminds me of CG For Audrey so I may do a comparison as an when I get the chance. The formula of this polish was a little thick but workable. It only require 2 coats.
Mint Apple

Next is Love Nails a super bright neon-esque aqua blue. This colour is pretty in your face and would look amazing on toes. It was a little sheer and as you can see even after 3 coats my nail line is still visible on camera but in real-life it's not that noticeable because the colour kind of blinds you!
Love Nails

Finally here is Hottie, a polish that has been compared to OPI's Last Friday Night and unfortunately I don't have LFN so cannot give you my opinions. The blue jelly base is pretty sheer and is not particularly flattering on its own and can make your hands look a bit ill lol, so this is definitely one for layering over another polish. The mix of iridescent and holo glitter is uber pretty and perfect for the festive season.

over Love Nails

Index: Hottie by itself, Middle: over Rimmel Midnight Blue, Ring: CG Blue Year's Eve, Little: CG Sugar Plums
Out of focus shot!

Sorry for the lack of bottle shots, I'll add them at a later date!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. LOVE the pretty shimmer in Mint Apple, really pretty!

  2. Ha for a second there I thought YOU were having a cardiac placement...:) No worries about being busy, blogging is a hobby (i.e. something you like to do in your SPARE time), right? Love the swatches!