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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Accessorize Ladybird and Dragonfly

Hi ladies!

In today's post I want to show you a couple of polishes from Accessorize's Speckle collection. I couldn't find any PR info on this collection so I'm guessing it came out in the last month or so. It's funny how I know when all the big brands like China Glaze or OPI release new collections but brands that are closer to home I don't have a clue about. Perhaps it's down to marketing budget or I'm just looking in the wrong places. Either way I'm glad I was made aware of this by one of the girls I follow on Instagram who took a snap of the display.

There are 7 polishes in this collection all named after winged insects and some of which look very familiar.

Damselfly - dupe of Nails Inc Pudding Lane and W7 Mosaic

Leopard Moth - dupe of W7 Salt 'n' Pepper

Firefly - dupe of Barry M Gold Mine

Butterfly - dupe of W7 Lava Flow

As you can guess I gave the above a miss, there's no room for dupes in my Helmer!

Now onto the more unique polishes from the range. Bumblebee - is a pumpkin orange creme with black glitter and would have been ideal for Halloween. It looked a little manky in real life so I put it back on the shelf.
(Image source:

Ladybird which caught my eye first is a raspberry jelly with black glitter. Two coats is enough to give great coverage although some care is required to place the black glitter. I do look like I've got ladybird-esque nails albeit Harlequin ones.

Dragonfly is a spring green laced with blue glitter. Again this only required 2 coats. I don't think I would wear this during the colder months but once Spring arrives I'll be pulling this out again.
Overall I'm quite happy with the two polishes I picked from this range and they'll definitely be a welcomed addition to my stash. At £3.45 they're reasonably priced but not exactly cheap for a drugstore brand. If you're thinking about picking these up my advice would be to pick up the W7 (£1.99) and Barry M (£2.99) versions as they're cheaper. Despite the dupes this collection injects a much needed variety into the UK polish stands.


  1. I love Dragonfly!!! It's super pretty!

  2. Both colours are beautiful but ladybird more :P

    I´m celebrating a nail art contest!!

  3. I like Ladybird. I'm amazed how prominent black glitter is.

    1. The jelly is quite sheer so the black really pops!

  4. I NEED Dragonfly!!! Thanks for sharing this is really informative x

  5. These look great, but where do you buy W7 nail polishes in the UK?

    1. You can order W7 polishes from that's where I got mine from.