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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Shimmer Polish - Taylor, Eva and Brooklyn

Hi I have some more gorgeous Shimmer polishes for you ladies today.

Taylor is one of my favs as it's a jelly glitter. The grape coloured tinted base is sheer enough that when several layers are applied the glitter looks suspended, like in a jelly but also builds up enough so that you don't have a visible nail line. Pairing the grape base with a aqua glitter also makes this polish a bit more unusual. Here I have used 3 coats.

Eva is also a lovely jelly glitter. It has a raspberry base with fine raspberry and silver glitter. I looks so juicy. No VNL here either. Here I have used 3 coats.

Brooklyn is a predominantly blue glitter polish punctuated with larger gold hex pieces in a clear base. I love the gold pieces in this. For me it makes the polish is more wearable as it's not overpowered by one colour I'm sure Cindy must have some kind of mathematical formula when she mixes her polishes because the proportion of different glitters always seem just right. Here is 2 coats of Brooklyn over a teal base.
I not 100% sure what base I used here although I have a feeling it may be China Glaze Exotic Encounters. 

I still have quite a number to swatch and being the rather slow swatcher I have become nowadays I want to know from you if there are any particular ones you want to see sooner rather than later. These are the ones still in my untried so let me know:

  • Tiffany 
  • Fanny 
  • Amy 
  • Alessandra 
  • Julia 
  • Katherine 
  • Jennifer 
  • Erica 
  • Sonia

Shimmer Polish can be purchased from here.

 *Polish sent for review


  1. I would love to see Sonia next

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  3. Love all of them but I think my favs are Eva (which you have already shown) and Tiffany...very nice for spring into summer!