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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

NOTD - Boots No. 7 Poolside Blue

Today I'm wearing Boots No. 7 Speed Dry in Poolside Blue. I love this blue because it's not too dark or too light and very much fits the nautical theme/trend.

Two coats were required for complete opacity though you could get away with one. I've noticed with the No. 7 polishes the lacquer thickens on the brush quite quickly so it can get a bit annoying having to recap and shake after 2 nails. This one is speed dry but it definitely happens on the stay perfect ones too. The tall bottle is a bit of a design faux pas as well.

(Update: Slight tip wear and chip after one day of not doing much :-( )

RRP £7 (£7.50 if you're in Central London, what?!?!?!) luckily had a £5 off No. 7 voucher!


  1. this is my favourite blue and i love thiss, instant cheer up : )

  2. Maybe a little nail polish thinner would help with the formula?