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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Stargazer ultra cover nail polish - duochrome goodness

When I was at college (10 years ago!!!) I went through a bit of an alt/rock/goth phase during which I bleached and dyed my hair magenta. Back then the go to brand for wild coloured dye was Stargazer. I had forgotten about the brand until recently when I discovered their nail polishes in New Look. Not surprisingly I have picked up a few.

Ultra Cover Nail Polish 308, 303, 307, 308

As soon as I swatched these I knew they were exact dupes of the Accessorize Illusion nail polishes. 307 is the same as Aztec and I have a feeling 303 is the same as Electric Blue (I will do a comparison at a later date). The only difference is the packaging and price. Accessorize bottles are like shorter fatter cousins of GOSH bottles and Stargazer are round and a pain to store. For £4 you get 10ml of Accessorize polish and for £2.50 (£3 if you get it in New Look) you get 14ml of Stargazer polish.

I bet these polishes are made in the same UK factory!!

Anyway Accessorize polishes have been compared to polishes from the Orly Cosmic FX collection but unfortunately I don't own any Orly polish. I'd be interested to see how these Stargazer polishes compare.

Duochrome goodness! 308 - Purple/Black, 303 - Blue/Purple, 307 Goldie green/purple

My pictures are rubbish and don't do the polishes any justice what so ever. I really should get my DSLR out...

What do you think? Should I get a few more?
Stargazer polishes are available online from here.


  1. 307 looks like a dupe for Hard Candy Beetle and Orly Space Cadet

  2. I'm going to have to a comparison!

  3. Is 303 a duochrome? I don't see it on the pictures. It is a gorgeous color.