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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

June Round Up

I know it's a little premature to be doing a round up especially as there is still another week left of June but I don't intend on buying anymore polishes or should I say I'm banning myself from buying anymore this month.

Everything is expensive here in the UK, houses, cars, milk, bread, you name it we're probably paying double the price compared to our American friends.

When it comes to nail polish a bottle of China Glaze can set you back £6.49 ($10.40) and OPI £10.50 ($16.80) in Sally's so you can imagine if you bought two OPI polishes at full price your bank balance may look rather sad. As much as I want to spend my money locally I cannot afford (literally) to ignore the competitive prices offered by US sellers on eBay. I mainly buy China Glaze or Color Club polishes on eBay because I feel I'm less likely to receive a fake/dud. I've read the hoohaa surrounding OPI polishes and about the fakes that have been surfacing so tend to avoid buying them on eBay. Saying that though I have bought a few on there and everything seems ok apart from the engraved serial number has been scratched out. So anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm not going to be able to bring you all the latest polishes and anything I do share from OPI and CG is a real treat for me.

Ok so enough moaning here is a list of the polishes I bought this month:

OPI Lil Shooters
OPI Femme De Cirque
OPI Little Teasers
OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui, these were all on sale in Sally's which is why I could justify buying them.

OPI Movin' Out I bought from eBay as I had been wanting it up for ages. Think I paid about £7 for it so it's not too bad.

In the new 99p that has opened near to where I live they sell a wide range of LA Color products all for you guessed it 99p, it's our equivalent to the Dollar Tree. I picked up:

LA Colors Color Craze - Sea Siren and four LA Colors Art Deco nail stripers - Yellow, Red, Black Sparkles and Dark Blue for my Mondrian inspired mani.

I bought a couple of Barry M polishes - Coral and Indigo. I bought Indigo to go with my dress that I wore to the summer ball and Coral because I just thought the color was stunning and very summery.

Stargazer 308 and 303

China Glaze OMG which I bought on eBay for less than £9. Everyone must have been snoozing when this was up as others have gone for as much as £23 :-S

Sally Hansen Prisms - eBay purchases again. Happy with Pink Rose Diamond and Diamond, Purple Diamond was thick and gloppy. I've added lots of thinner but it's still iffy, so not happy about that but what can you do!

Random extras that came with the SH Prisms:
Max Factor
Collection 2000
Three Sally Hansen polishes two of which I have given to my friend (Not Pictured).

In total I've added 23 polishes (counting the mini sets as 1) to my collection.
I honestly thought this month was a good month but I guess a polish here, a polish there all adds up!

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