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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Silver Holographics Comparison

I thought I'd do a quick comparison for you of all the silver holographic polishes I own.

Direct sunlight

Direct sunlight
Index: M&S- Rainbow, reviewed this in an earlier post. Easy to apply even without special base coat.
Middle: Sally Hansen Nail Prisms - Diamond - particles very fine, polish quite sheer so you will need a zillion coats. I expected more punch from this polish. Doesn't dry fast or well, has weird rubbery squishy feel like it's not dried properly. Can easily leave a mark.
Ring: China Glaze - OMG - Pain to apply without base coat but very holographic
Little finger: GOSH - Holographic - Best of the bunch but need base coat for best application. Dries fast to give foil finish. Need I say more (unless you want me to).
Thumb: Milani - HD - Quite chunky particles, more inline with CG Kaleidoscope polishes. Dries with that rubbery squishy feel like SH.

Indirect sunlight SH has a more gold tone to the silver, the rest are your typical silver. I think the silver is really ugly when it's not all holographic.

Availability: GOSH fix base and holographic can still be found in some Superdrug stores, not ones in big cities though. China Glaze OMG and Sally Hansen Diamond available on eBay at silly prices. M&S(UK) and Milani (US) still widely available.


  1. wow, i loveee every single one of these, i can't get enough of holo's and gosh holo is a massive lemming of mine, i've looked everywhere and can't find it, if you find a spare one let me know pleasee i will be eternally grateful : ) hehe

  2. Keep your eyes peeled and don't give up hope, one will appear when you're least expecting it! However if you was an alternative you should check out the Make-Up store as they have several holo's in different colours even a silver which I think is the same as the GOSH one.

  3. Nice comparison! Another almost dead on dupe is Nfu Oh 61. They sell on Fabulousstreet. They always sell out pretty quickly, but I kept checking the website and in August I got lucky. :D I hope to try the Milani one soon, if I ever get it from Cherry Culture. :P
    ps: Your pics are really gorgeous! If I were you, I think about marking them so other people won't steal them and take credit for it. That happens a lot.:P

  4. I have debated whether to get the Nfu Oh but I think I have enough Holo to last me a long time! Hehe. I know what you mean about the picture stealing because I see sellers on eBay using other peoples pictures to sell polish, it's so bad. I have recently started watermarking my pictures :-) but there are other bloggers with WAY better pics so may be they will ignore mine! hehe