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Thursday, 9 June 2011

NOTD On Fire!

This week has been such a blur but what a relief, no more revision and no more essays for the rest of the academic year! Not really sure how I did in my exams as there were questions that I just had to make up answers for!!! Oh well, re-sits are in August but fingers crossed I passed even if it's just by 1% LOL

I broke my nail the other day which meant they all had to go. I was a bit gutted because I wanted long nails for the summer ball on Saturday and had planned to experiment with some blue rhinestones I had bought that match the colour of my dress. Not really sure what to do, any suggestions?

Anyway I finally got round to using one of the Golden Rose Scale Effects nail polishes I ordered from back in April..... what do you think? Gorgeous huh?! It's not exactly an original nail of the day but I've wanted to try this look after seeing it on a few blogs.

Golden Rose Scale Effects No. 10 over Barry M Raspberry with NYC Grand Central as a top coat.

Gorgeous Flakies that look orangey red or green. There are a few sneaky blue flakies hidden too.

If there are any UK readers who want to order from Enchantra but are a little apprehensive there isn't any real reason to be. Just email them with your order and they will send you a link to a Dutch payment site called Multisafepay. When I first did it I was a bit alarmed because I didn't receive any confirmation of my payment but it was fine. Shipping is 13.50 euros for a 1Kg package via UPS and comes within in 2-3 days.

I'm back on clinical placement for 7 weeks before breaking up for summer so the short nails will be staying I'm afraid!

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