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Thursday, 2 June 2011

So much for No-buy May

I can't believe it's June already, it really is quite scary how quickly days and weeks go by. I've not posted as much as I would have liked to mainly due to the amount of uni work I've had to and still have to do. My end of year exams are next week and I'm still trying to finish an essay before fully immersing myself in revision. My brain isn't as cooperative as it used to be, this is my 2nd degree and I'm finding I have to go over things again and again before it sticks in my mind!
Anyway enough about uni. Today I thought I'd give you guys a full list of polishes I bought in May. In my previous post you will have read that May was supposed to be a no-buy month but I had failed and succumbed to all the pretty colours and glitter!

So in my last post you will recall I purchased:

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Lavender Pearl
M&S Rainbow
Star Gazer 307
LA colors White
Astor in VIP White
Andrea Fulterton gemstone overcoat
Mini set of Beauty UK nail polishes -Wild Child

And was gifted:

Sally Hansen High definition colour - Hi-def
Sally Hansen High definition colour - Pixel Pretty
MAC - Varicose Violet
MAC - Nocturnelle
GOSH - Green Dragon

Since then I've added:

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Night lights
Urban decay - Burnout
Urban decay - Bruise
China Glaze - Hey Sailor (half price at Sally's)
Blue Cross Pop Rock - With the Band
Sally Hansen No Chips 10 day nail colour - White Tip
Revlon cuticle remover (not sure if this is any good but I got it in the £ store!)

I'm still waiting for the Milani 3D holographic polishes to arrive from Cherry Culture. It may take at least 2 weeks as I'm in the UK.

In total I added 30 nail polishes to my collection, 5 gifted to me. The most expensive purchase was the the M&S Rainbow. A polish here, a polish there doesn't seem a lot but listing everything this way makes you realise just how much you've been buying.

This month I'm going to try and buy even less but it's going to be difficult as there are so many lovely collections out at the moment. Oh my poor bank balance!!

[update! My Milani polishes came today (2/6/11) after I said it would probably take 2 weeks haha! It took a total of 8 days to get here which is amazing. I'm really pleased with my first experience of ordering from Cherry Culture and hope to make more purchases in the future]

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  1. Arrrggghh, I ordered Milani polishes with Cherry Culture, among which all of the holographics. When I got them, 2 holo's were missing, so I e-mailed them. They replied: "Yes we are sorry, they broke in the packaging process. We will refund you asap." ?! So I went to check whether they were out of stock, but the 2 colours are still up for sale. So I e-mailed them I'd like my polishes rather than a refund. Haven't heard back yet...