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Sunday, 11 September 2011

ME ME ME Mediterranean Olive

Here's a quick swatch of a polish I found in Poundland several months ago. If I remember correctly it's by ME ME ME which is a brand available from Superdrug. This is obviously old stock so I apologise if you like this.
As the name suggests it's a olive/khaki metallic with a small amount of glitter that twinkle deep within the polish. It's rather similar to ELF's Metal Madness.
My cuticle area looks really greasy and ugly well that's because they are haha. I obviously didn't rub the cuticle oil in enough :-P

Despite the rather naff brush the polish applies well and only requires 2 coats. The real issue is it stinks of something chronic, lingers for hours in your nose and the back of your throat, and hence why it's been sat in my 'cr*p polish' box unnoticed until now... but it's gone straight back in. I'm determined to find a none smelly dupe and hopefully with the recent popularity of army/khaki/olive greens it should not be a problem!

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