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Monday, 15 October 2012

Sally Hansen Pumpkin Spice and some faux marbling BM-320

Today I want to show you Sally Hansen Pumpkin Spice. This black jelly with orange glitter came out last Halloween in the US but it recently turned up in my local Poundland. I read many complaints about how sheer it is so I wasn't really holding out for much but I must be in the minority because I love it. Yes it is sheer but it only took 3 coats to build up the opacity. It's perfect for Halloween.
At the weekend I tried to create a black and orange water marble mani but it still wasn't happening so I thought I'd fake one by stamping over PS with an image from BM-320.

The matte and glossy combo works but I wish the black stamping polish was more opaque.
And for kicks I decided to matify the whole thing. It didn't turn out a well as I had hoped.
Thanks for reading!


  1. That stamping looks really, really cool-- matte and regular!

  2. I picked this up too, but was putting off trying it, I think I'm going to now, and it looks amazing with your matte stamping : )

  3. Oh, it looks great. I have problems with stamping using matte polishes :/

  4. Loveeeed Pumpkin Spice!!! Gorgeous.
    And absolutely love the stamping.

  5. Perfect!!!!! Very Halloween-ish - love it <3

  6. with stamping but without matte it looks amazing! :-)

  7. This combination is absolutely fantastic! What a great idea of you. I really like it:)