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Thursday, 13 October 2011

NYX Girls Hauling

**Warning** VERY Picture Heavy Post!

My NYX girls haul from Cherry Culture finally arrived 16 days after I placed my order. Despite the slight delay (it took 8 days last time) I was happy to receive my parcel with everything in tact and without a nasty customs charge. I've complained about their shipping costs before so won't bore you but if they were more reasonable I would have ordered a lot more and more frequently instead of waiting for a promotion.

So without further ado here is my very modest NYX girls haul...
Left to right: Robotic, Deep Space, Royal Purple, Sea of Cortez, Fizz Spots and Carnival

Aren't they just pretty! I know some people hate the plain square bottles but I love them because they're so much easier to store. First up is...


Flecks of midnight blue/teal metallic glitter suspended in a black jelly. Delicious vampy polish what require 2/3 coats.
I'm going to say it now but I found most of the black jelly based polishes very slow drying and quite sheer. It may be better to layer it over a black but I think you lose depth and dimension.
Deep Space
This is the same as Robotic but with dark purple bits of glitter. It reminds me a lot of Revlon's Facets of Fuschia/DL's Bad Romance but without the large chunks of hexagonal glitter. Required 3 coats.In the photo below the camera picked up hints of blue but I couldn't really see this on the nails.
Royal PurpleThis was the hardest to photograph. I ended up having to swatch it again after the images I uploaded after my mammoth sess just looked naff. Anyway Royal Purple is a purple, just like the name suggests, with blue shimmer. It's a very pretty colour but not unique. Require 3 coats.

Now onto the more brighter colours I picked up...

...Sea of Cortez
Aqua blue jelly with Gold glitter.
If you don't mind VNL I'd snap this one up to add to your collection.

Emerald ForestSimilar to Sea of Cortez but green. Another beauty worth picking up.

Fizz Spots

A very sheer black jelly with large and small holographic hexagonal glitter.
Black jelly this sheer does nothing for me. In the future it will have to be layered so my nails don't look dirty.
Still a very pretty polish.

I'm going to admit I've been totally swept up in the glitter craze. They're just so damn pretty on the nails and I cannot resist having a bit of sparkly that gets me compliments from complete strangers! LOL. Anyway Carnival is a multi-coloured glitter in a clear base. There's gold, blue, silver, pink, green, red probably a few more in different sizes. Glitters like this require a dabbing motion to position the bits of glitter otherwise you'll end up bare areas. Here I've swatched it over naked nails!
Phew that was quite long! No doubt these have been swatched before but I hope I didn't bore everyone! Overall I am pleased with my haul and the colour payoff. They were only $1.99 so I can forgive them being a bit slow to dry and sheer.
Have you got any NYX girls polishes? Are there others I should check out?

Have a nice day!


  1. Now that you swatched Robotics you make me wanna get my bottle out of my untried stash and put it on immediately! It's gorgeous! I had no idea it had a jelly base though so I am even more curious to try it myself now.
    Not so much a fan of glitters, but the last one reminds me of Essence Circus Confetti :)

  2. I picked up a few of their polishes in my last CC order - I'm wearing Frizz Spots today! And I'm giving away a bottle of one of Nyx Girls most unique glitters @ my blog right now.
    They're good little polishes! Thank you for sharing these swatches!

  3. @ Simona I only described Robotic as a jelly because it wasn't opaque after 3 coats! You and others might think differently though :-)

    @ Rochelle How have you worn FS? Did you layer it over a black cream? Will check out your comp now.

  4. I think I need Sea of Cortez and Emerald Forest now. Earlier this year I picked up Dorothy, which looks like a pretty accurate dupe of DL Ruby Red Slippers. I also got Enchanted Forest and Sexy Plum.