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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Color Club With Abandon

Hey guys hope you're all having a good week so far. I've been a bit bad and have neglected my blog a little! It's not all my fault though. My friend wants to see 'We Need to Talk About Kevin' when it comes out this week but I don't want to see it until I've read the book so I've been trying to cram it in and those of you who have read it know it's not the easiest of reads. I'm only half way through which I think isn't to bad considering I have hardly any time to read and I started just over a week ago! Everyone I know who has read it says there's a real 'oh my God' bit in it which has led some to cry... DON'T tell me what it is OK?!!

So anyway in my previous post I showed you my skull mani for Halloween and I hope some of you have tried it. The polish I used as my base was Color Club's With Abandon which came out in 2009 as part of the Wild At Heart collection and I think the name is odd and I don't get it - may be there's a story behind the name or may be I'm just a bit stupid haha! either way there is no denying this is one gorgeous polish. With gold/brown flecks of shimmer in a black base it's ideal for when black on its own is too black. Do you get those days?

One last thing, with or without a top coat I find Color Club polishes do not wear that well. Whether I move a few books or just do a bit of typing I find the tips worn and chipped. Do you guys have that problem?

OK back to reading!


  1. I work at a grocery story and I usually don't notice a chip until after I get home. Always happens though, story of my life...

  2. I am loving this brown!! Is it still available??>? I MUST have it!

  3. I'm pretty sure this is still available from etailers very cheap!