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Sunday, 30 October 2011

International Haul - Toronto

Ahh it feels like my Christmas has come early! This amazing package came all the way from Toronto from my VERY generous friend! I had specifically asked for a few things but the other bits were chosen for me!

After seeing the limited edition Halloween nail effects I knew I had to get my hands on some. My friend very patiently waited for their release and kindly picked two boxes up. The pens were half price and when asked if I wanted them I couldn't find 'no, thank you' in my vocab!

China Glaze IDK was an eBay purchase from a seller that didn't ship to the UK. I asked for Revlon Blue Mosaic because it's not available here and I needed to feed my glitter addiction. When my friend visited Buffalo they picked up three bottles of Sinful Colours for me which I have never tried. It's quite exciting trying new brands!

And finally Chanel Peridot!!!! late bday present that I have been patiently waiting for (who said I had no patience). My first every Chanel and I love it!!!! I want to thank my friend for their amazing generosity but also tell them off for being such an enabler and feeding my growing addiction!!!